Thursday, December 11, 2008

This can't come fast enough....

Captivate 4!

Which includes the #1 most important feature I've wanted since I started developing with this thing almost 5 years ago.


Two recent posts from the Adobe Insider on the new upgrade
Final Countdown
Final Countdown 2

Those who have read this blog for any length of time know that I'm pretty cynical about most upgrades. This one will (if all goes as advertised) solve a myriad of issues I've had with this tool.

No release date yet - but it sounds like they are mighty close.....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up.

The feature that interests me the most is "Text to speech functionality: Convert all that text in your slide notes and text captions to high quality speech at the click of a button, literally."

If I understand this correctly, it will save me A LOT of time!

Joe Deegan said...

Speaking of right click. Any suggestions for a creative work around to simulate the right click? I'm creating software simulations in Captivate 3 where I want people to right click on a hot spot. Sounds like it may be mission impossible.

Wendy said...

Joe - I've been fiddling with right-click since Captivate 2. There is a solution on the Adobe Developer site, bit I've never gotten it to work correctly. My only work around has been reduced to "We will right-click for you."

Jeff - My personal feeling is that even if text to speech works correctly, it will still sound "computerized." Plus, with the text to speech tools I've encountered, I still find myself fiddling to get the emphasis and pronunciation right. Might as well record the narration myself. I will be curious to see how this feature implements.

Brian Dusablon said...

I'm interested to see how Cap. 4 ends up working. I'm a little concerned that they are rushing it a bit and that it will be just as buggy as the last 3 releases have been.

Here's hoping they've resolved some of the bloat. I did some limited beta testing (time was not on my side), but did not come away with any WOW moments.

However, some of the new functions and features should save some development time, if they work as planned.

Text to speech would be lovely, but it was not active in the beta version I had, so I was unable to test it.

Wendy said...

Brian - lucky dog! Got a hold of the beta.

Was the beta that buggy? (as in, Captivate 2 buggy?) Sounds like I am going to have to plan for more testing than originally thought.

I really only get excited about upgrades if they actually solve major long-standing issues I've been having with the application. This one sounds like it does. If the new version is only moderately buggy (i.e. I can work around it), I can live with it.

Thanks for visiting!!!!

Brian Dusablon said...

Beta was not that buggy, but I didn't get to use it extensively. I'm just going off of past releases. The interface is still a bit lacking, however. It could use some major UI improvements, or at least the Adobe CS4 makeover.

Let's chat sometime soon about how you use Captivate and other tools.

Anonymous said...

Wendy, what are you thinking about Cap 4 now? I have 3 but I downloaded the trial version of 4. I am not a "guru" just yet :-) so I am not noticing the big overarching differences just yet. ANything I should be paying attention to?

Wendy said...


Big things that turn me on -
- Right click works as advertised (a HUGE deal)

- Seeing fewer quirks than previous versions. Quirks are still there (like figuring out why new captions occasionally revert to System 10 pt font even though I think I have them set to Arial 12 pt). But nothing I can't deal with.

I'm doing a mess of tutorials now. Will let everyone know if I run into something glaring.