Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Odds and Ends

Time to dump some mental clutter before the holidays....


I am working with one of our soft-skills training groups to develop a tutorial on goal-setting. I'm just consulting on this project. The person actually doing the work is new to instructional design and eLearning. I think her background is in administrative work. She's smart enough (and conscientious enough) to have been promoted into her current position.

I didn't realize how much work it took to develop just a one hour course. Developing objectives, documentation, making sure it all makes sense. Wow!

Her boss has given her a HUGE project with this tutorial development. And I've been impressed by her willingness to learn and her ability to absorb.

So happy to bring another person over to the dark side with us!!!!

And it sounds like we have profiteroles!!!! (Thanks Cammy!)


A follow-up on the group who is implementing a very large IT system without the IT department.

Turns out the IT department put together a proposal to help them with this project. The group decided that they didn't want the IT department's help and that they can do this themselves.

The IT department is currently giving the group enough rope to hang themselves with.

In the words of the mid-level IT manager I talked to:

Keep an eye on how much time you spend on them. We've got a rescue plan. Just waiting for the inevitable.

The IT manager then gave us a mischievous look. I think we both know when that "inevitable" is going to occur. It is going to be a very expensive lesson.


My family celebrated Xmas early. Coolest gift I received - Mom's hand-me-down slow cooker.

What works - Red cooked chicken. Essentially - a whole chicken cooked in a couple cups of soy-based liquid. Fantastic. Moist. Excellent chicken flavor.

Requiring further experimentation - Pork and Sauerkraut. Pork tenderloin in the slow cooker for 10 hours reduces to slightly dry shreds. Sauerkraut in the slow cooker for 10 hours dissolves into a strange pool of indeterminate vegetable matter. Potatoes in the slow cooker for 10 hours cook beautifully. I'm thinking I need

a) a LOT more sauerkraut
b) less time - 8 hours should be enough to cook the pork and the potatoes
c) a little more salt - I KNEW I forgot something when I put the pot together.

The SO and I will be eating many slow cooker meals as I continue to experiment with this new tool.


"socially-networked virtual game-based blended mobile cloudy-learning 4.0" delivered on a portal for your iPhone.

(Conversation best followed from Cammy's Twitter stream)

I plan on doing that this week. But I'm platform-independent. :')

PSA: Don't "mobile" and "cloudy" at the same time.


Have a fun and safe holiday.


Cammy Bean said...

And, please, don't turn on your blender either!

The upsycho said...

Interesting to see where my exchange with Cammy about profiteroles ended up! They were delicious by the way.

With regard to your pork and sauerkraut thing in the slow cooker: use smoked pork and add a few potatoes. A variation on the Polish dish 'bigos'. Mmmm.

A word to the wise, though: this is beer food, so make sure you have some handy.

Wendy said...

Cammy: I take it that the advice is from hard experience :')

Karyn: Definitely a big fan of smoked pork. The local grocers on this side of the pond now carry these fabulous smoked turkey wings that permeate slow cooked things beautifully.

And any food is beer food!!!!