Friday, December 19, 2008

Gaming Tool Decision Made - Next Steps

It only took us 3 months, but we have finally decided on a tool and vendor that can help us start building instructional games with the Firewall Group.

I'll reveal who we chose in the next few months or so.

Now that we have made the decision regarding which tool and vendor we want to use, the next step is convincing senior management that this is a good investment.

We are going to create a short presentation with the following information:

- The time spent (and $ spent) repairing computers.

- The types of issues they see repeatedly

- Why we are choosing a "games-based" approach.

- The requirements we set up for our decision.

- The vendor analysis (pros and cons)

- Our final decision for the vendor and why.

- Expected cost for the tool - including training, licenses, maintenance

- Anticipated results (reduction of the time spent repairing computers as a result of the issues they see repeatedly)

It helps that Leader is pretty high up there in the organization. It also helps that she is highly respected in her professional circles outside of the University.

Is there anything else you think we should add to the short presentation?

For those who have tried to implement a games-based approach to training in your organization - what was the information that most excited your senior management? What pitfalls did you run into?

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