Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Game 6: Mario Kart

Game: Mario Kart
Platform: Wii
Cost: $49.99

With the untimely death of our Xbox 360 - the SO has become significantly more open to playing with the Wii and experimenting with games outside of Wii Bowling.

Is the game fun? Why? It keeps us entertained for about an hour at a time. Each session runs about 10 - 20 minutes, depending upon the length of the track and the amount of time we spend falling into out-of-bounds areas. Definitely more fun playing together than individually. Choose the track together, then spend quality time trying to kick each others' butt. (I won 5 out of 7 last time around.) After an hour, we both found the gameplay a tad repetitive. We both like racing games, but we seem to have a shorter attention span for these than for other genres. Not entirely sure why.

Do I want to play this repeatedly? As a party game. Not by myself. I am looking forward to the Manager getting the Wii she got for Xmas set up so we can play online. This is a game I know we both have - so maybe it will get more play.

What did I learn playing it? Certain types of games work better with people there with you. I haven't figured out yet what makes a game work better cooperatively vs. solo play.

What element(s) can I use when designing a game at work? If I decide to design a game for classroom use, designing a game that has strong cooperative play would be useful. I need to look more carefully at what makes a strong cooperative game.

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