Saturday, December 13, 2008

From the "How Cool is That?!?!" File

Rumblings at the Verizon Center when I arrived yesterday.

'Theodore is a scratch!'

We knew Johnson, our other goalie has been playing with a hip injury. This after losing 10 players to injury who are just now coming back. For what seemed like forever the Washington Capitals consisted of the Hershey Bears (the minor-league affiliate - kudos to the callups!!!) + Ovie's Line (Ovechkin, Backstrom and Kozlov / Nylander) + 2 goalies + a few other dudes.

Did you see who they called up?
Didn't recognize the name.
It wasn't Varlamov was it?
Nope - not Neuvirth or Machesney either.
Who is that guy?

In an illustration of why it's good to work in an industry you love - the Capital's Web Producer suited up as the backup goalie for last night's game with the Senators.

And he got the biggest ovation in the rink.

Varlamov finally arrived 1/2 way through the 1st period.

Brett Leonhardt - you have just made the day of dreaming cubicle-dwellers everywhere.

(BTW - after his moment in the spotlight, he had to go back and edit his OWN POST-GAME INTERVIEW VIDEO! How surreal is that?!?!?!)


Stephen Downes said...

ll think they should have put him on the ice for a few seconds, to get him some game time. It seems the least they could have done.

Wendy said...

Strikes me he was pretty darned relieved it didn't come to that.
Though the Senators may have seen it differently :')