Saturday, December 20, 2008

Food for Thought

From Confused of Calcutta

I spend a lot of time thinking about education, about what it really means. Not dictionary definitions, not semantic arguments. What does “education” mean to me?

It’s not about “committing to memory and vomiting to paper”.

It’s not about learning to sit tests. It’s not even about learning to pass tests.

These things are useful, but they are neither necessary nor sufficient for us to be able to be anything, do anything.

So what is it about?

Read the entire post for his answer.


The upsycho said...

I wish Confused of Calcutta would explain those 'it's not abouts' to the powers that be in the UK education system!


Wendy said...

It's not just the UK. The "it's not abouts" form the foundation of modern formal education everywhere (from what I can tell). The fact that folks outside of the traditional educational space are starting to reflect on these issues strikes me as promising.