Tuesday, December 30, 2008

7 More Things You Didn't Care to Know About Me

The first 5 from 2006 are still true - but I've managed to get my golf score consistently in the 110s.

I think I participated in another one of these too - but I can't put my finger on the post.

Thanks Cammy for tagging me.

1) My best friend from middle and high school contacted me last week. I haven't been called "Boggy" since 1988. It's because her brother (who was a toddler at the time) couldn't say Wendy. Thinking back....Boggy is not such a bad descriptor....

2) My nickname at Virginia Tech was "Bat". Short for Ding.... My college buddies still call me that occasionally.

3) My colleagues at Georgia called me "the Duchess". This was the result of a conversation about our respective geneologies and likely more than a few beers. Not entirely certain how this one stuck....

4) Most of the other nicknames I've gone by are unprintable in a family blog....

5) Managed to get a 161 bowling last Sunday. Shame I can't seem to translate that into league play.

6) Successfully parlayed my new knowledge of Fantasy Football into a solid 5th place finish (among 8 teams). Definitely beats 9th place out of 10. Next year the (unprintable name here) will make it to the playoffs!!!!

7) I have the following motivational poster at my cube, to remind me to play well with others. (image courtesy of Despair.com)

Hey - if you want to play along and don't want to set up a full blog - go ahead and put your 7 things about you in the comments! Just keep it clean and let me know who you are.

No point in letting the bloggers have all the fun!

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Anonymous said...

LOL. I got the nickname "Titch" http://tinyurl.com/9zg56a and then I grew. 14" in 12 months at 15yo. I still get called "Titch"

The favourite though was "Shed". My father called me that for like, 10 years. Addressed bday cards everything with Shed.

I found out what it meant when I was at uni...wish I hadn't.... it is short for S***head. Weird aussie humour :) I still get that one tho /sigh