Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Using Simulation in the Classroom

Presenter: Ken Spero, James Allen

This was more of a quick in and out thing for me

Essentially, the presenters argue that we can use some of the higher tech simulations as Instructor-facilitated classroom tools. The simulation he developed made a point of getting rid of the best and worst options. Still complex, decision-based branching.

The strength of this approach, he argues, is that it allows for more immediate conversation during the decision process.

The entire session modeled what he was talking about. Folks were informally put into groups (I was talking to some guy in the back since I walked in so late). The group then had to come up with a unilateral decision - since there was only one computer. This way, you can facilitate conversations about the pros and cons of each decision.

Cribbed from their handout - the process in the classroom looks something like this:
- 10 minutes of an Instructor led intro
- 20 minutes working with the simulation in teams of 4 (they suggest a combination of 3-5 people)
- 10 minutes of feedback and a small group debrief
- 10 minutes of a large group debrief
- 10 minutes of Q and A

Just a little reminder that "eLearning" development does not strictly need to be solely on a computer, but can be used to support / supplement instructor-led courses.

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