Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trying to Chase the Big Brothers

Had lunch with Mark Oehlert, Mark Christiansen and B.J. Schoen (among others). Thrilled to finally meet B.J. in person too!

I watch the way Brent Schlenker (who I have not run into yet) and Mark O. maneuver around the technology space.

It seems so effortless
- Look Wendy, here's a video on Twitter!
- Here's 5 new cool aps I found!
- I can Tweet into the future! (Yup, Mark's discovered time travel!)

Me, I'm happy if I can get the damn camera on my phone to work. I'm thrilled if a text message makes it to its destination. I still can't post a pic directly to Blogger yet.

One thing I was looking forward to during this conference was being able to see folks more technology savvy than myself (who I happen to respect and like) function 2.0 style during a conference while being stupid-busy.

I feel like their baby sister trying to catch up.

Wait for me.......


The upsycho said...

And yet you're still far more technically proficient than I am. Take comfort!

B.J. Schone said...

Hi Wendy,

It was great to finally meet you as well. Keep up the great blogging!


bschlenker said...

You are funny! DevLearn is just the place geek out in the name of eLearning.