Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sometimes you can be TOO cutting edge

Prepping for DevLearn 2008 this weekend.

Blogger to Twitter to Facebook link - check.
Know how to mobile post to both blogger and Twitter - check.
Know how to work the spiffy new phone - check.
Laptop configured and charged - check.
Sessions decided (with feedback from the Manager and the Director) - check.
List of folks to meet - check.

QR code reader installed on the phone............ummmmmmmmmm.........

Seems that my phone model is so new, none of the existing QR Code readers work.

So if anyone knows where I could find a QR Code reader for an LG Dare (tried Google Search and looked at all of the QR resources at the DevLearn site), if you could send a comment on this site or message me on Facebook, I would be very grateful.

Because Brent has been talking about this for almost a year - and I wanna be in the QR Code scavenger hunt too!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy - apologies I am not able to make it to Devlearn so don't know which site to check - I don't know if i-nigma are on there but you can check latest handsets for them via their mobile website hopefully they will support it - they do support some LGs.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hi again, I've checked round various forums but nothing across the pond this way, so far - maybe ping one of the pros on this forum hopefully they can magic something from somewhere,
Best wishes

Wendy said...

Nicolaa - Tried i-nigma. Not quite yet....
Thanks for the lead on the forum. Will go take a look. Sorry to miss you at DevLearn.