Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So How Do You GRADE It?

In the comments to my last post, B.J. asks:

How can we officially say that Person A did everything correctly, and Person B failed. How do we create grading criteria for such loose concepts?

Man....I knew that Instructional Technology degree would help some day....


Grading Rubrics is one of the techniques we are given in Education school. Rubrics help objectify (to a certain point) subjective exercises (like writing, wiki participation, etc).

I haven't seen this technique used much in a corporate environment (at least, not in the corporate environments I've worked in), but it makes sense. An education version of some of the more thorough HR Job Evaluations.

I did some digging around and found a couple of examples for fun Web 2.0 activities (like Wiki participation).

Here's one example,from homemadetextbook,of a grading rubric for Wikis.

Lots of other examples of Wiki grading rubrics. Thanks Google! has a grading rubric for both Blogs and Podcasts. (PDF)

Once I get my own wiki started (sometime next year - I'll be using it as a support tool for my Captivate / LMS course series), I will see whether I can actually APPLY the grading rubric idea to my corporate environment.

If anyone is using something akin to grading rubrics in your corporate environment - can you pop me a comment and let me know? I'd love to share your experience!

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