Friday, November 14, 2008

Mystery of the Missing Friday

The great thing about crossing coasts is that you get to wake up way too early in the morning on too little sleep.

And you wind up missing an entire day of a conference because all of the flights leave early.


Thankfully, Brian Dusablon, one of the other attendees, has notes on some Friday sessions.

And don't forget BJ's DevLearn Blogger list!!!!

I've got a final post on another computer that I just don't have the energy to set up right now. I promise it will be up tomorrow.

And for all of the cool people I met during DevLearn - thank you for making this the most fun conference I've ever been to.


Stephen Downes said...

That's silly. You cross an entire continent to attend a conference and then miss a day.

Pay the extra $200 and stay in the hotel an extra night. You might even lower your airfare by flying on a Saturday.

B.J. Schone said...

Thank you, Wendy! It was a pleasure to meet you. You've done a great job keeping up with DevLearn on your blog (and I know that's not easy).

Stay in touch - I'm always open to sharing ideas, tips, stories, etc.

Take care,

Wendy said...

Downes - Yup - had that exact same thought at the airport yesterday. A moronic move not worth the money "saved." BTW - I did look at airfare at the time for a Saturday return. No savings (but I'm sure that changed as soon as I bought the ticket.

B.J. - completely mutual. See you on your blog!!!!

XicanoWan said...


It was great to meet you @ DevLearn 08. I am embarrassed to say I did not know who u were when I sat and had breakfast with u on the first day. After dinner on Thursday (Thanks Tandem Learning), and coming to your blog, I now know who u r! Just like Mark, I have read your stuff MANY times, and was notaware I would be able to meet u.

I have linked to your blog from Karrer's Blog and feeds MANY times, and know I can hear your voice when I read them!

Can't wait to chat with you again. I will be coming to your blog often to check on what my new friend is saying.