Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Made it to San Jose!

Cross-country travel is grueling, and it just dawned on me I'm not here very long. Got in very late last night. Leaving super-early in the morning Friday. Bummer.

Idle thoughts:

- Thank goodness for phone scrabble. I wasted an entire 3 hour layover in Atlanta (except for food and a brief twit) occupied with whether Xi is an acceptable scrabble word. It is.

- Krystal isn't nearly as bad as I remembered. Or my taste-buds are more shot than I thought. Nothing like slightly onion flavored grey fluffy meat-like product in a soggy bun to satisfy the appetite.

- The egg nog shake Krystal is serving for the holidays is the bomb. Where's that rum......

- They stuck me on the top floor at the Fairmont. All I can say is Wow! Right now, I am banking that the accounting department isn't reading this blog......

Going to fuel up with more coffee and find my spot in the back corner of the ballroom. Let's see if the wireless is stable.....

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