Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 1 thoughts - while the brain still works

I may do a second round of this after the evening. Or in the morning since I am on east-coast early bird time.

- So happy to finally meet B.J. and Tony (Dr. Karrer). Tony has been a huge supporter since practically day 1. B.J. has a great blog that has pride of place in my feed reader.

- Tony's explanation of what Work Literacy is now makes sense (Wendy's AhHa moment of the day). Apparently, it is a collection of practices that I have been doing all along. The challenge, as both B.J. and one of the other audience members put it, is to figure out how to transition the learning practices we do for ourselves to others who may not be so motivated.

My thinking, however, seems to center on the "model it first" worry about spreading it later. I am just not a fan of trying to implement / force practices that I haven't worked with first. Furthermore, few things agitate me more than having folks force stuff on me that they won't do themselves. (i.e. don't ask me to blog if you won't).

- I don't know if TwitFeed is working or if it's just moving really slow. I suspect there will be a whole mess of New Blog post items appearing on the Twitter feed sometime tonight. Or maybe I broke it.....

- Finally ran into Brent as I was setting up for these final thoughts. Dude - I don't know how you do it....

- The experiment with the conference infrastructure has been interesting. This is a time where I wish I was better at texting. I feel like I've got way too much stuff going on - pictures, blog, Twitter, keeping up with other stuff, AND paying attention to the sessions. Thank goodness I am a habitual compulsive note-taker.

- Best quote I've heard all day, from Mark O as I complained about how I'm having a tough time with short-form Twittering.

Wendy - just let go....Let us discover how dark you really are.

I need at least one editing step before my dark thoughts becomes permanent record.

It's best for all of us.

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