Thursday, November 13, 2008

Breakfast Byte with BJ

I'd give the name of the session, but it was 3 of us and we didn't need to cover the topic he planned.

So we talked instead.
Matt (Indiana University) showed off his Drupal-based Content Management system. It's still in development. What we saw was a tool that forced interaction when entering content. Great work Matt!
Matt, BJ and I talked a bit about Tony K's Work Literacy session. BJ and I agreed that the value of the session was in seeing a fully formed draft of the ideas Tony has been discussing on his blog. Since we've been seeing the idea from its infancy - it's hard to pick out and combine the bits and pieces. Especially when you don't have the bandwidth to concentrate.

After sleeping on some of the ideas that came out in the session, I realized that Work Literacy is really about amping up some of the practices that we already have.

- Scan - we're scanning more information. So we need the tools to do it better. Hence - RSS feeds.

- Process - So we need to make it a point to PROCESS some of this information we are receiving. The processing, ideally, can be public for feedback. More quality feedback, more learning. Tools available - Blogs and Wikis.

- Network - LinkedIn and Facebook allow us to network over distances. The face-to-face, however, doesn't go away. You can make yourself available as a resource. You can ask questions of your direct network or 2nd level (since they are likely to respond if you both know each other.

Again, all 3 things are activities we already do as professionals - we just need to change our processes a bit.
Cool resources - Thanks BJ!

Discovery through eLearning - Tracy Hamilton. She's in the throes of an LMS implementation and is journaling her thoughts. She's looking for help and advice. We're with you!!!!!!

ELearning Development News

Running out of time - Keynote time!!!!

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