Thursday, October 09, 2008

Re-Developing the Communication Infrastructure

Usually, when I get a new phone (every 3-5 years or for as long as I can put it off) I get the simplest thing possible. The phone needs to do phone. I gotta be able to receive calls, send calls, hear people talking and have people hear me. Anything else is something that can potentially break and not necessary.

This model phone, through 6 years and 2 phones, has worked beautifully for me.

Note the lovely green and black LED interface.

Over the past 6 months, I have noticed that this "phone only needs to do phone" approach has stopped working.

- I see stuff happening in my environment I want to take a picture of (for the blog, of course), and I can't do it because my digital camera is at home.

- I receive text messages and I can't send a response. Furthermore, that message just cost me $$$.

- I need to communicate with a number of people at once and can't do it without either finding a computer (hopefully attached to the internet) or calling them individually or begging my more technologically-advanced friends to notify the others.

- I'm thinking Twitter is going to be much more useful if I'm mobile than if I'm sitting at my laptop. And with Brent and company using Twitter as a communication tool during DevLearn 2008 (, I figured I needed to find some way to make Twitter work for me before the conference in November.

Time to stop being so stubborn and join the texting / Twitter nation.

Behold! Wendy's new phone!

Sorry for the crummy picture. It's a touch screen and glossy.

This thing does practically everything except make dinner (I can look up recipes and cooking videos if I need to).

More importantly - this phone does phone beautifully.

If you are (masochistically) interested, you can follow my learning curve on Twitter and my new toy at


Anonymous said...

I got a shiny new (unlocked) Nokia N95-3 in July, just in time for vacation. Like your phone, it probably can't actually cook dinner, but it'll feed you a live video stream of my cooking it.

Wendy said...

Gee Tom....thanks for the scary idea....

Don't tell Miller.....

Cammy Bean said...

What kind of phone is that?

Wendy said...

The new pretty is the LG Dare.
Becoming a bigger fan the more I use it. The old, well-loved phone is an LG VX something or other. They don't make em like that anymore...