Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Nebulous Blob Congeals - Support and Tools

Dirty Little Secret - I really wanted to build this thing to help ME. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME. Boo to y'all for calling me on it. I guess that's why I participate in this community - to find people who will drag me off the ledge.

So with that in mind, I started scrounging around the corners of the IT department to find tools that will help me and my fellow trainers brainwash unsuspecting students support our students.

We don't really have a "shared server" system in our organization. And our email is incredibly limited (as in, I can only send a 10 MB file and most people only have 20 MB of mailbox space). So the most immediate need was to find a way that students can send their projects to me for publication to the LMS.

I found a document management tool already in use where they can store their files and I can retrieve them when ready. After some conversation (and bribes), I managed to get access and a system for adding new users. Behold!

I was pretty happy to see the message board feature. There is another feature that I may try to configure as a Wiki. We'll see how this piece evolves.

The second thing I needed to find was a way to support the students while they were at their computer. I'd been looking for a "spycam" for quite some time. After a year of begging, I managed to get my hands on some help desk software that will allow me to see and take control of someone else's computer. The only thing the end-user needs is access to the internet. I can see what is going on. They can see what I am doing. All parties win.

The next task - figure out a way to cultivate other Captivate experts. I already have a potential victim highly tech savvy trainer on the soft skills side in mind.

(I hope she doesn't read this. bwahahahaha....)


The upsycho said...

Daft bat ;o)

Anonymous said...

Ha! You're cracking me up. Way to rummage around the old tool box.
You have written your post with a Halloween flavor I think...or maybe it's just me. I'm thinking cauldron. I won't tell you what's brewing in mine though.

Wendy said...

Errr.....I always think like that.... I do a better job of hiding my evil plans most days.