Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Nebulous Blob Congeals - Classes

I've been working on a couple of other projects recently. This has given me the space to let my Captivate class / LMS series stew a bit.

A few decisions I've made as a result of everyone's helpful comments:

I've decided to create only 2 actual "classes" for the Captivate side of things.

Class #1 - A basic Captivate workshop. Students bring the PowerPoints they wish to convert. Limited to 5 people. By the end of the session (which I am guessing will be about 4 hours):

- They will be able to use the Captivate templates I provide. (This is where I attempt to sneak in some instructional design..hehehe)

- They will be able to add images, text boxes and the dreaded Next button.

- They will be able to upload their .cp files to a document management tool. I'll talk about this in a separate post. I'm getting pretty excited about the support tools for this project.

Class #2 - Creating Software Simulations / Advanced Interations. Students will bring the Captivate projects that require further interaction or the filming of a software simulation. From my knowledge of the immediate audience - 75% of the software that needs to be filmed is already available in our labs. That includes our enterprise system and a number of web applications. If they are filming something else, I'll do a personal session. Again, I'm going to limit the classroom to 5 people and 4 hours. By the end of the session:

- They will be able to set up Captivate for optimum simulation filming. I'm going to give them a tip-sheet with tips and tricks from 5 hard years of mistake-making.

- They will be able to add click boxes, text entry boxes and buttons not named Next.

- They will be able to redirect click boxes, buttons and slides to places other than the next slide.

- They will be able to preview portions of their project.

With Dave and Janet's feedback, I realized that most everything else needs to be dealt with on an as-needed, custom basis. So I started scrounging around for support tools. I'll talk about that tomorrow....

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