Thursday, October 16, 2008

Context, Wendy....Context!!!!

Dave Ferguson and Janet Clary reminded me of an important addage...

It's about the learner, stupid!

They were more polite than that, of course.

Please read the comments and Dave's incredibly helpful blog post. I'm still processing their comments, but they helped a lot.

My original thought, and one I need to revisit, is having the students bring one of their original PowerPoints. Preferrably a smaller one. Do the initial basic conversion DURING the training. For most of the students, this should take care of the basics of using Captivate.

There is no reason for me to have more than 5 people in a class. I think I can handle 5 people.

I think I was over-estimating the size of the audience and became more concerned about scalability than I needed to be. We are going to be charging for the course / service. We'll be providing custom content seats, a Captivate license, support(of some sort), and some other goodies - but our group has never charged for our services before. I suspect that $$$$ will automatically reduce our demand.

Demand is the only reason why we are embarking on this in the first place. Seems like everyone wants to dump their stuff on our LMS and pull reports. Sadly, there's a lot that needs to happen technically to their original stuff before we can do that. (Don't get me started....) This course / support thing is an attempt to develop more technical expertise among the University's various staff trainers (both titled and non-titled) and allow the SMEs to get their stuff posted faster.

As much as I want to improve the instructional quality of the tutorials (Dave - I think 1 year is reeeeeaaaaly optimistic. I'll be happy to see the shift before I retire in 30+ years), maybe all I can do is sprinkle some suggestions in the templates and hope for the best. You all are right - I shouldn't be the one worrying about quality control. (Grrrr.... says Control-freak Wendy)

Janet, I wish I could say otherwise, but I don't currently have home-built models of the types of training I would like to see. The best I can demonstrate, for now, is some software simulations - where people have to do things other than click Next. Maybe that simple step - local and achievable - may be enough to get them thinking.

Still mulling over the support structure, what tools and performance support I want to provide, and what this is all going to look like. This project is still something of a nebulous cloud. I have an idea of what I want the long-term end product to look like. Not entirely sure how to get there yet.

I am still taking ideas / recommendations / feedback / help separating my grimy claws from The Precious / reminders that it is about the learner / etc.

Any and all help greatly appreciated.

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The upsycho said...

Yeah. It's about the learner. And who's the one person almost always missing from the whole analyse, design, develop blah blah blah? The learner gets brought in at the end when it's all been said and done.