Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tool Requirements

We are starting a new project with our Firewall group (not their real name) this month.

The Firewall group has money.
The Firewall group is interested in gaming.
The leader of the Firewall group is very well connected.
The leader of the Firewall group plans to leverage all of the above to come up with some cool training.


The first request was to find some vendors to talk to.

The leader of the Firewall Group (hereafter referred to as Leader) is more than willing to allow us to leverage the project to provide more tools for development in other topics, not just hers.

And she wants to be flexible to work within the strengths of whatever solution we come up with. She wants to see what is out there and who we can partner with.

So in an attempt to narrow down the vendors, I came up with an initial list of requirements.

• Stand-alone interactivity tool must be available for future development in-house.
• Interactivity tool must be easy for end-user.
• Output of tool must be able to easily publish to SkillPort / SCORM-compliant output.
• Consultancy needs to be available and willing to assist with instructional design and development.

The Leader has worked with consultants before and, in some ways, wants to help us through the experience. We all know that what we want to come up with (as nebulous as it currently is) will require more design and development expertise than any of us currently have.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've taken an initial look at some of the tools and companies that may help us with this project. The next few posts will share my very personal take on what I've found so far.

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