Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ode to the V8 Barcalounger

Today - I got rid of my car. I've had this 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII since 2000. This car is the first (maybe ONLY) high ticket item I purchased sheerly out of love. Not practicality. Not need. In its prime, this car would go 0-60 in 5 seconds. Took hairpin curves practically at speed with no float. Drove like a dream.

I put 100,000 hard miles on that car. Except for the air ride, which would deflate every 60,000 miles, the V8 Barcalounger was reliable, comfortable, and MINE.

Sadly, as with all cars, the V8 Barcalounger started developing.....quirks. Humid and freezing - good luck opening the door. The passenger side sensors didn't always sense that the door was closed. A rattle developed around the right muffler driving around town - making the whole thing sound like a jalopy.

With state inspections coming up and thousands of dollars of repairs due to make it pass - it was time.

I dropped the car off today at the Lake Braddock Secondary School auto shop. A donation. As Mr. P put it - two things will happen. It will get fixed up or torn up. Either way, the students will learn something.

These are the new charges of the V8 Barcalounger. The car is somewhere amongst the sea of blue. They were pretty excited. I could already see some wheels turning when I told them it was theirs. Hopefully, they will tell me what they did with it.

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