Friday, August 08, 2008

My Name is Wendy, and I am a Civ Rev Addict

I finally got my grimy mitts on Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution.

This purchase is a direct result of his presentation at Innovations in eLearning.

Time I could have spent doing useful things (writing, blogging, navel-gazing) has instead been spent with the Xbox controller in hand focused on world domination.

What I love most about this....I can really see what Sid Meier was talking about in his discussion of the game. Most importantly "One More Turn."

Each time I made a decision, I had to think about what I wanted to accomplish.
- Violent takeover of all cities?
- Cultural domination? (Our culture is so great, you want to BE us!)
- Economic domination? (I can buy you out!)
- Technological domination? (I have toys you don't. Nyah!)

I got so excited about the decision-making process, I would put off doing things as long as possible. Things like using the bathroom, getting a beverage, making dinner....

The Firaxis folks also programmed Civilization Revolution so that your choice of culture determines how easy or hard it is to accomplish certain objectives. For example, it was easier for me to win via cultural domination as an Aztec than it was for me to win via economic domination. Thinking about what I know about the Aztecs, that made perfect sense.

I also learned a lot about what parts of the gameplay excite people.

For the SO, it was warfare.

For me - it was making peace with all of the surrounding communities and getting them to join us.

Of course, this difference in strategies caused some interesting discussions and, in more than one instance, caused the one not playing the game to leave the room when the other was playing.

I can't watch you play! You keep wanting to make peace with people! That's no fun.

Yeah - but I have more money, a sophisticated society, and cooler toys. So Nyah! soon as I figure out multi-player, we'll see who is superior......

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