Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Disjointed Thoughts

Still having processing problems. So I'm going to dump some of the dross out there in an attempt to clear the clutter from my head.
What happened to the Sensitive Project.

We've decided to focus on the one element that is almost user-ready (the timekeeping function) and take care of the one group where the manager has taken the time to get the system configured correctly. I'm creating some very general materials as a supplement. We'll then wait to see who steps up to the plate next. Not what the head of the planning group wants, but how we are going to move forward until someone gives us a better idea.

The SME they had assigned to me saw the exact same problems I did - no coaxing.
I don't know how (the planning head) expects to have you train people on a system with no managerial support.

I know exactly how that expectation happened - it's easy to make "training" do the hard work of "implementing" because it is the most visible step.


My headset microphone died and I need to get a new mic.
Thankfully, I Came, I Saw, I Learned has a couple of articles on finding microphones for Captivate.

The Original Article on the Best Microphones for Captivate
Reader Feedback on the above article


Doug Holton on the EduTech Wiki. Something I hope to dig around in over the next week or so.


Janet's absolutely right, we don't talk enough about how instructional designers perform project management.

BTW - my project management is done by online calendar. Easiest way for me to see due dates, task lists for the day and what may be eating into my time.


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