Friday, August 29, 2008

Applying Lessons Learned - Fantasy Football

Season 2 of Fantasy Football and the draft is underway.

Now that I've done this once, I have decided to better prepare my Fantasy Football draft research so that I don't come in 9th place this year. Thankfully, my league only has 8 teams - so I will automatically improve!

Still - no excuse. I've decided to apply some lessons learned in an attempt to obliterate the competition improve my standing from last year.

First order of business - organizing the research.

Here I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone.
1) Familiarize myself with Excel 2007.
2) Develop a tool that I can quickly use during the 90 seconds I have to make a decision.

Look Mom! An Excel spreadsheet!!!!

(I can hear Fantasy Football vets sniggering now....)

Now I can filter and sort (once I find the commands...stupid #%@$^@& upgrade....user-friendly my ^#%@&#*).

Second order of business - draft folks.

We don't know what order we pick in the draft until 30 minutes beforehand. As it was last year - I was right in the middle of the order. The bonus - more time to think / contemplate / change one's mind / do a little "research" while waiting for the others to make their decisions.

The excel spreadsheet did help somewhat. My thoughts were significantly more organized as I picked my starters and I was able to quickly find folks and glance at my notes before selecting. Of course, I couldn't help the niggling feeling that I was missing something in my research - but I get that feeling whenever I am at the "action" stage of a project.

The big weakness in the approach - I didn't do deep enough research on the Wide Receivers and the Running Backs. When I was ready to fill my bench, I had no clue who to take.

Third order of business - make sure I have people actually playing starting that week.

I've got some big gaps during week 4 and week 10. Lesson learned - you still need to keep an eye on bye weeks, no matter how cool the person is that is sitting in front of you waiting to be drafted.

Let's see if I can improve on last year.

Hope you are healthy Peyton Manning!

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