Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Playing with Bunnies

After discovering I was better at killing my own armies rather completing objectives in Command and Conquer 3 - I decided to start a game that is more up my alley.

Rayman Raving Rabbids.

I have a serious soft spot for mini-games incorporating weird cartoony bits.
It matches my attention span (not high) and my love of cartoons.

A few characteristics about the game that stuck out:

- Before each game, a Rabbid demonstrates how you are supposed to use the controls.

- The objectives for each game are clearly (and sometimes hillariously) laid out.

- The graphics are pretty straightforward and match the objective.

- Though you get instructions, there is a missing piece of information that you have to figure out to succeed in the game. It's more of an execution tip than anything mind-bendingly difficult, but it makes the games a lot more interesting.

The variety was enough to keep myself entertained for a few hours (let's see what game this door opens!). Eventually, I will figure out how to set the game up as a multiplayer experience. Then a whole mess of us thirtysomethings can spend a quality evening playing with bunnies!

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