Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Making your students feel stoopid.

If the designer of this particular course reads this blog - my sincere apologies.
I hope you are given more flexibility for the upgrade of this certification course.

But I really have to vent.....


See the guy in the picture? Besides the fact that he's male and reading paper, that's me attempting to slog through the training shown.

From taking this online course, I have discovered a few tips for making your students feel stupid / angry.

- Make sure all of your text is written using the specific jargon of the subject you are teaching.

- Incorporate a monotone voice (male or female) reading all of the highly jargonized text to me.

- Make sure the student has to hit the pause button and/or go back to the previous slide to take notes because the slide containing paragraphs of highly jargonized text moved quickly.

- Provide no auditory or visual emphasis on what is important.

- Phrase important definitions so that they make no sense or contain circular logic. See below for an example.

- Have the exercise and quiz questions make absolutely no sense to anyone with an advanced grasp of language, much less apply to the ostensible objectives of the course. Please read the quiz question below and see whether your eyes cross.

Oh - and did I mention that all of the objectives to these courses are of the "Understand..." and "Recognize..." variety.

What am I supposed to DO with this information?!?!?!?

Now - I would like to think I am reasonably intelligent.
I have 2 masters degrees.
I spent 10 years in college.
I've read a bunch of business books over the years.
I've even taken some business courses.

I really can't be this stoopid.

I have already slogged through 6 hours of this. It appears I have at least 12 hours to go.

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Mark Frank said...

My guess is that the course authors did not understand the subject. So the only thing they could do was repeat the jargon.

It is not the students who are stupid.