Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wrap-Up - Day 1

The skies are clearing, my blood/caffeine levels are out of whack and my brain hurts.

A few thoughts before I close the laptop today (I'm giving up on the final keynote to see whether my apartment is still standing)

- The last session was a fantastic example of demonstrating points in practice. Participation, interactivity, modeling best practices. All of the things we say we want to do but never see in a presentation at a conference. And these ladies did it in less than 50 minutes! Kudos to the women from Vangent!

- Stephen Downes finally put together for me the relationship between Social Networks and Web 2.0 technologies. I know most of you are saying "No Duh" but I'm slow. Had a sense of the relationship, but never could define it.

(BTW - the LOL Cats was all ME!)

- The discussion about Mobile learning really needed to happen in a workshop with more time. Because, at it seemed clear during the session, the definition of what "learning" is is changing.

- Also Kudos to Karl Kapp and Mark Oehlert for doing a last minute session that I missed because I was hiding in the basement hallway.

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Karl Kapp said...


Great job wrapping up the conference and capturing what was happening during the sessions and even recording the storm interlude!

Also, great meeting you in person. It is so nice to put a name with a face. And when I meet a blogger it feels like I really know the person from reading their work.

Also, glad you enjoyed my presentation, I have such fun with the topic and really am passionate about it.