Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Why Leaving Town is Good

I spent the morning in a crowded student center attempting to participate in a teleconference. Sigh...... Tough to get away when they can easily follow you.....

Quickly touched base with Brent and Mark. From all accounts, their morning session on Web 2.0 went well.

Also had a chance to talk to Dr. Williams van Rooij of the Instructional Technology professors at George Mason U. They have an interesting structure to their PhD program - one track is for the K-12 folks, one track is for the corporate and higher ed folks, and one track is for assistive technology. She taught in the corporate and higher ed track. After looking at programs where you weren't entirely certain how to actually get a degree, this was appealing. I still doubt I am going to go back to school anytime soon. Too much "practice" to do.

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