Thursday, June 05, 2008

V-Learning, The skills needed for success

V-Learning: The Skills Needed for Success in Today's Real World
Presenter: Ellen Wagner, Adobe

Physical World + Virtual World = Real World

This is where we are at with our technologies.
Virtual worlds are just as real as our physical worlds.

Put pressure on us as educators in a different way than ever before.

We are going to have to get better in our own practice.
- It's affecting us NOW.

All of the variables in Game (see Sid Meier talk) is the same thing we say we wanted to do in instructional design.

Expectations about learning redefined by social media, gaming.
- As professionals, we need to bridge the gap between what we are doing NOW and what is happening elsewhere and the expectation for what learning is supposed to be doing.

Learning technologies have changed.
- Look at the games - that is the 3D web that is developing.

Web 4.0 - Omniscience.
- Computing and access to information that is anywhere you are.
- Beyond embedded.
- Not thinking about how you pull information together as need it.

Yet we still find ourselves having conversations about the value of baseline eLearning.

When you are out there as a learning person and see emergent technologies
- You see a lot of excitement about the technology, but no discussion of what they do.

Sometimes when the delivery is not up to the promise, takes awhile to crawl out of the abyss of failure.
- Forget the good stuff that worked.

Learning people are going to have to get smart and loud.
- People do love technology
- But only as good as can apply it in practice.

What people do with the technology in our practice is what makes it magic.
- We are the magicians
- Can only do the tricks if you take the time to learn them

- Do more faster
- No more boundaries
- Find/develop usable courseware
- Enable contribution of self-generated content
- Manage assets and experiences
- Deploy engaging experiences, anywhere.

Gotta demonstrate value with the idea.

When technologies converge
computer tech + image tech + wireless/access tech + video + gaming + immersive virtual tech = just in time just for me 24x7 interactive streaming immersive motivational scalable cost-effective.....

We can get excited about possibilities, but we also need to create a path to get there.
- Innovation that is sustainable the key.

What does it mean for learning
- Metaverse roadmap

Big Questions to ask
- How do we prepare learners for jobs and tech that doesn't exist yet?
- How do we help them prepare a workforce to solve problems we don't even know about yet?
- How do we prepare ourselves to edit/modify/delete much of what we have learned about our own professional practice?
- How do we truly capture and extend learning experience so that it is meaningful in the context of our digital lives.
- How do we move beyond the fascination with the latest and greatest at the expense of sustainable innovation?
- How do we drive value and demonstrate for the solutions we suggest

With all the work in 3D worlds right now - the ability to make 3D models is so powerful. Haptic computing now more real (see Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit). What are the ramifications for learning?

Instructional design that we know is not as relevant now.
- What else must we do to modify and adapt to the changing environment
- It is now almost impossible to create criterion reference exams while creating meaning in collaborative spaces.

What we are doing now is analogous to a quest.

Online Nation - show growth, get investment

Online - don't like it, but shows value. They don't like it because it is electronic page turning (yes, Powerpoint online. YUCKY!!!!)

80% of the courses delivered online need to look more like civilization than what we are doing now.

America's Army
- A recruiting tool
- Can play with different conditions.

There is a certain play fascination for all of us whether we like it or not.

Emergence of Virtual Worlds (2008 Gartner)
- 2012, more than 70% f organizations will use private virtual worlds to support internal collaboration and social interaction
- 2012, 30% of HR dept. will approve social network analysis to measure and reward collaborative behavior
- 2020 - surgery to enhance human senses and performance a billion dollar business. (Lasix just the start)

Computers and user interfaces becoming more sophisticated touch (haptic) feedback systems.
- Practice putting braces on people
- Giving shots
- 3D modeling already common. Haptic the next step. Wii is an early consumer application

Second Life. It is the first time that we can play in 3d personal space.
- Good experimentation environment
- Waiting for when people realize that they can't get the stuff they built out.

Learning management system - when you put content in there, stays forever then you have to redo it when you change LMSs
(Why I develop in Captivate)

Use of Intraverses
- Use of avatars impacting culture
- Open source / standards allows us to create in experimental ways (small-scale) without being locked in
- Not being locked into a vendor platform very important. Don't want your formats to disappear (see Authorware)

Idea of being Agile organization becoming real for most
- Ability to communicate with each other important
- Ability to foster connection drives value
- Raise question - what constitutes a high quality expectation of performance. How do you place value on a collaborative activity?

Virtual Worlds corner of the 3d web
- Mashups
- Data visualization
- Business and Thread Simulation
- Commerce
- Haptics (touch) and more

MIT and Virtual World research

- Refers to the techniques used by travelers to find relatively unmarked and often mislabeled roouts

What is more annoying than the feeling of having wasted time and energy in a futile attempt to reach a destination?

What's more exasperating than searching for information on displays giving everything but that which is needed?

We are wayfinding of our own and for our students.
- Prepare for the quest - what small things can you do. Try it first!
- Chart your course. Where are you going? (Hypotheses)
- Keep an eye on where you are going. And keep an eye on condition changes. Ok to self-correct.
- Leave the extra baggage behind. Is what you are dragging around (ideas, old ways of working) useful?

Be excellent to each other.

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