Monday, June 02, 2008

They are letting me out again!!!!!

Hooray!!!! I am being let out of the asylum for another week!

Starting Tuesday, I'm going to the Innovations in eLearning Conference at George Mason University.

Completely Mark's fault for this one. $250. Local (to me). This was an easy sell-job for my employers. Thankfully, they made the decision before the highly political project of doom went off the rails.....

I'm even more excited because I finally get a chance to meet 2 more luminaries of our corner of the blogosphere - Stephen Downes and Karl Kapp. AND I get to touch base with Mark Oehlert and Brent Schlenker.

My running blog of the last conference was so well received, I plan to do it again for this one. And this time...I'm bringing a computer with a battery that works!


Unknown said...

Oh, hush!

I'm sure I could sell my bosses on the idea of $250, too. Only, in my case, there's the little matter of an intercontinental flight, hotels, meals and taxis.

Envious sigh.

Wendy said...

Yup - that's what sold them. Cheap and they don't have to pay for pesky things like hotels, meals and transportation. And they still get me working at least a couple hours a day.

What do you think the chances are of getting our employers to let us visit each other's side of the pond?

Unknown said...

Two chances: Fat chance and No chance.

Last year when I asked to go to Innovations in Learning in Santa Clara, the response was (and I kid you not) "P*ss off!" Even though two people offered me free entrance to the conference, leaving hotels, meals and transport to pay. Sadly, those costs far outweigh the conference costs :o(