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Strategic Learning Plans from A to Z

Strategic Learning Plans from A to Z
Presenter: J. Keith Dunbar, Defense Intelligence Agency

(To my bosses - I got a copy of their actual plan)

17 organizations in the intelligence community.

Defense Intelligence Agency - combat support.
- eLearning Symposium important - 65% of workforce outside the Beltway
- Military intelligence for fighters, decision-makers

No organization that wants to be great and to help our companies become great - happens because of a plan.

One important aspect.
Gotta build the plane while you fly.

Wanted to transfer from K-12 mentality to lifelong learning.

Before always on training
- "I want a course"
- ISD/Addie
- Factory metrics
- Student surveys

Wanted to move to learning
- "Blended"
- Adult

Final goal - Performance
- Specific job and performance requirements
- Change Management

1) Baseline the organization
2) Workshops and offsites to determine goals and objectives
3) Develop integrated team implementation plans
4) Execute
5) Measure and follow-up

SWOT Analysis as part of baseline

Need someone with awesome cat herding skills as you baseline your organization.
- Lots of competing ideas.

Customer interviews (internal and external) and stakeholder analyisis

Out of the baseline - goals
- Product - learning at the point of need
- Customer - stress on customer - centric
- Business Practices - want to be the internal model for effective business practices
- Learning Workforce - Be internal model for integrated, skilled and improving workforce
- Innovation - Continuously explore and implement new techniques

20 objectives from the 5 goals

At some point - stop talking and start doing.
- Went out with small team and came up with implementation plans.
- Not as integrated as would want
- Essentially goal, time and who responsible.

Lessons learned
- Finding champions AND non-believers. If you convert the non-believers, have a better chance of successful implementation

- IT TAKES TIME. Gotta plan for that. Took them 6/06 and finished printed copy early 2007.

- Competing strategies to align. What plans do the other stakeholders have? Gotta be cognizant of where the organization as whole wants to go.

- Limited integration of initiatives. One person from each organization went off site and came up with ideas of what they were going to do.
+Issues - the one person has to be cognizant of what is happening with the organization and better make sure they speak for the group.
+Bring people in before make full decision, better chance for negotiation
+Too many champions in the room first time. Next time, more non-believers and lower levels (since they are the ones that live it).

- Plan plan plan plan plan plan plan........
+ Didn't feel they had planned as well as they should have

- Alignment of implementation plan activities to individual's expectation.
+ In their case - it didn't happen.
+ Individual needs to see that what needs to happen is important to overall success.
+ Remember: Buy in from everyone at any level. No buy-in, won't do it.
+ Gotta be prepared to make mistakes. And its OK to fail. A learning experience.
+ The plan has to be adaptable.
+ In government - would see based on supervisor comments / reviews for pay for performance. Still tough to measure.
+Said communication of the new Strategy went poorly. Would definitely improve this. Would have helped alignment.

- Way to track progress.
+ Developed performance expectations mirrored the goals of the implementation to see how well individual performance matched the goal.
+ Quarterly reviews from each of 6 offices. Good, bad, what working, what not.

- Find meaningful metrics. Only track what you want to change.
+ They stopped doing quarterly reviews because there seemed to be so many barriers to achieving goals that they needed to spend more time breaking down barriers rather than worrying about the success of the change.

Balance between what have to do today vs. what will get you in the future.

DAU Strategic Learning Plan

Change Management a critical skill - esp communication and development of meaningful metrics.
Facilitation important for the beginning and getting people talking.

Need a Big Hairy Authentic Goal - something big and out there (maybe 20-30 years out). Not so much in Gov't - they looked at 5 years.

Security - online training
- 3 networks - Top secret network, secret network, unclassified.
- LMS only on Top secret and secret

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