Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Second Danger

Mulling over yesterday's post, and thinking about what Mark had to say about the danger of "quick wins," I realized that many of the complications in change management have very little to do with actually managing the change and a lot to do with unrealistic timelines.

Change is a process. Processes take time. Often, more time than one would like.

Change management assumes we can speed up that process so that everyone changes "faster."

And thats where the complications come into play.

Hugh Macleod talks about how big dreams happen. How if you really knew the amount of time, constant effort and patience it all takes, you probably wouldn't get started. How success always seems to come from a different direction from where you are looking.

The thing is, none of it happened on purpose. It just kinda sorta happened, one random event at a time. - Hugh Macleod

If you've been someplace long enough to watch a cultural shift - how did it really happen? Though an organized change management march or one random event at a time, one person at a time?

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