Thursday, June 05, 2008

Preconference Day 2 thoughts

Just nursing my Hypographia

- Happy to see that Mark O and Brigadier General Skip Hanson found each other. That's the cool thing about going to conferences - you see something at a previous conference that may help someone you are talking to at another conference. If both people are in the same place (or in this instance, working for the same umbrella organization) you can then help connect them. It's a neat process.

- Apparently, I left yesterday's conference just in time. I only ran into 3 dark traffic lights and had to do a minor detour to my old stomping grounds in Alexandria to get home. It gave me an excuse to pick up some Popeye's Fried Chicken (a craving that I thankfully don't have too often). Good thing since there was no power when I got home. My commute was not nearly as exciting as my SO's - who didn't get home until 9pm because the Metro was all bungied up.

- My power came back on at 7:45. Just in time for hockey. Managed to make it through 2 periods before falling asleep to Pierre and Mike's inane commentary. The more I watch NBC's coverage of hockey, the more saddened I am. I'd rather get Hockey Night in Canada. Next year - I'm just gonna stream that feed and forget NBC.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Hockey Night in Canada is the better bet. Gotta love Don Cherry and Ron MacLean. It's all I've been watching. I wanted so much for Pittsburgh to part because of my desire for just one more game. Did you see the CBC has mashups now?

Wendy said...

oooooh. Neat!

May be playing with this on my day off tomorrow - since I managed to bang myself up pretty good camping this weekend.....