Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My Postscript to the Workshop

This could have been a great example of content into practice. Modeling what they are discussing. Instead, we got a little discussion, but mostly lecture, powerpoint with some audience participation.

Individual - a solid assumption that 95% of the audience has tried at least one group exercise OR 100% participate 1 group exercise.

5 minutes writing down the exercise and how they felt about it - how well they thought it worked.

Pair us up - what are the commonalities. Have the pairs create a list

Each pair paired up (4 people) - have each pair combine list of commonalities. NOW.

What happened in person in each of the groups. Did it work? Or not?

Now - have a way to do this online. Each group has own discussion area + common discussion area.

What would be the optimum way to transition the experience to an online forum. Discuss.

Then - have them structure in an online environment of some ilk - if available. Based on what they as a group think would be a good way to teach a particular topic and their experience.

Then - each group visits the other groups collaboration spaces and/or present. What strategies did they use? Potential pitfalls? How would they manage the discussion/collaboration?

At end - lessons learned.

The powerpoint with the different techniques and how to structure given later as takeaway.

They have a fantastic lab in their own classes to see whether this will work. They can see how long it takes. If its within 3 hours - bingo!!!!! A really interesting workshop where we are seeing the Collaboration in practice and how what we already know (synchronous real-life) can apply to Virtual.

Of course, this would require more careful instructional design and objectives but what a great opportunity lost.

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