Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Motel Box Putting

Thursday night, I traveled to Radford, VA to attend a "camping wedding." The first night was spent with friends at a Super 8 off I-81, Exit 118C.

This Super 8 is an old-school Motor court in faux log-cabin centered by a long-closed honkey-tonk. The SO and I stayed with some friends there since we were going to play the Pete Dye River Course at Virginia Tech the next morning and wanted a last shower before heading out into the woods.

The 5 of us (me, the SO, M, A, and Q - names changed to protect the guilty) at some point decided that putting practice was in order. An empty golf-ball sleeve was set up about 50 feet from Q's door, a putter and 5 balls magically appeared and the game began.

Initial rule - put the ball in the box.

As we played, the rules changed.
- 5 points for getting the ball in the box, 1 point for closest to the box, -1 for furthest away.

- The person furthest away from the box has to retrieve the balls.

- The person who got the ball in or closest to the box putts first. The person who is furthest away putts last. If anyone remembers who was next closest, they go second, but really anyone putts when they are ready outside of the closest and furthest person.

As the game progressed....

- The person retrieving the ball (the loser) resets the box to wherever he or she deems fit.

- The box initially should be approximately aimed in such a way that there is a fighting chance of getting the ball in the box. If someone hits the box and spins it around, that's OK too.

- The person who gets the ball across the tile gets a loud cheer. Thankfully, there were only 10 occupied rooms. Our 3, 4 long-timers and 3 guests who were partying even harder than we were.

- A second box appeared and if you get the ball in any box - 5 points, closest to either box - 1 point. Furthest away - -1. Leaners are 2 points.

- A suggestion to start lapping the course around the motor court was considered, but not acted upon. Just as well. It was getting pretty late by this point.

The game wrapped up around 11ish (about the time the NBA Finals ended). A formal name was never decided and points were on the honor system. But this demonstrated, to me, that 5 people (chronologically adults) can work together towards an objective. In this case - putting practice. Imaging being able to put that towards something useful.

Oh - and the exercised help my putting tremendously. The 2 decent golfers, however, had a tough day on the greens. I think the grooves in the carpet threw them off....

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