Thursday, June 05, 2008

Lunchtime Thoughts

Saw the salmon again. Ate the salmon again. Hope I don't regret the decision.

I am hoping someone posts the slides from this morning's keynote. The pictures / graphics are infinitely more useful than my disorganized notes on the topic. And you would get a more complete feel of the topic.

(I type fast - but not THAT fast. Only got up to B on Typing of the Dead).

The Strategic Learning Plan session was informative more for what is not working than for what is working. They were able to get the plan together, but they are currently having challenges putting it into practice.

I know it is tough to get up in front of people and say with a straight face that what you are doing isn't quite working the way you had hoped. And some members of the audience did not appreciate the approach (the members who are, of course, looking for tidy how-tos). But I think it was a brave act. And more informative than if it all went swimmingly. I snagged a paper copy - just to see what DIA is up to (and to say that I now have an intelligence document in my possession. I'm dangerous now!)

Anders Gronstedt had to deal with some doubters in regards to Second Life ease of use. It was nice to see that the technology has matured and that the sound features not only work but contribute to the immersive experience. It may be time for a return visit.

These conferences are here not only to give us ideas but also ammunition.

After the conference, I'm racing home to finish packing for a weekend-long camping trip/wedding (not mine). The unplug time will be useful as I plan to take over the world figure out ways to implement some of these new ideas.

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