Wednesday, June 04, 2008

An interesting interlude

There is a tornado warning and the GMU staffers have received warnings for shelter. So I am hanging out by the cinema in a hallway (tall ceilings in storms make me nervous).

So a few notes on the conference:
- It's very cool to finally meet and talk to the folks that I've talked to in blogs over the years.

Lost power briefly - thank heaven for good laptop batteries.

- I liked the last session demonstration of good virtual meeting technique. They demonstrated it in practice and had us participate. What I wish yesterday's workshop did. Could have been really cool.

Talked to one of the GMU-TV folks about his job. Sometimes I wish I did more in TV.

- Karl Kapp is an incredibly dynamic speaker. Very happy to see his session and his research. If he is presenting, make it a point to go see it!

Seems like the danger has passed. Will try to catch another session.

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