Thursday, June 12, 2008


A more mature collaboration.

During the wedding, I was introduced to a game invented by 10 guys during the groom's bachelor party weekend.

Grisbee (also spelled Grisby, Grisbie, Grisbey).

Basic equipment: 2 golf balls per player, 1 chair per player, beer and 1 frisbee.

The rules (as they currently stand)
- A frisbee is thrown concave-side up. Where it lands serves as the target.

- Each player throws one golf ball at a time. The goal - to get it in the frisbee. When everyone has thrown the first ball, you throw the 2nd ball.

- In the frisbee = 5 points. Touching the frisbee = 2 points. Nearest to the frisbee = 1 point.

- Furthest from the frisbee picks up all the balls and hands the appropriate balls to the appropriate parties.

- (As of this weekend) Loser throws the frisbee, winner takes first shot. Before, the winner threw the frisbee. The logic behind the rule change - the winner shouldn't have to work that hard and the loser is already standing, thereby having more leverage for throwing the frisbee at a distance unlike the still seated winner.

- Overall winner is claimed at 15 points (though it may be 13. I'm not sure and most of the folks playing have lost count by about 5).

This is, essentially, a modified bocce game.

Unlike Motel Box Putting (or whatever its called), this game has had enough play to begin formal rule codification. Many of the rules are already agreed upon. A formal name (with some debate over spelling) has been determined. One of the more business-minded players has already claimed the Grisbee domain name for a future website. I expect to be seeing t-shirts and official Grisbee beer mugs soon.

And all of this happened over 2 weekends with discussion and word-of-mouth advertising (the SO and his friends didn't shut up about it in between the bachelor party and the wedding).

10 people, a common purpose, a little time and suddenly a new game is born (at least until we discover that someone else has invented and patented it by another name).

How long does it take for your team meetings to make decisions?

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