Thursday, June 05, 2008

Example of Learning on the Fly

I have been watching the GMU Events staff during this conference. I'm impressed.


There were some issues with showing people and items on camera and having us able to see them. Day 2 adaptation - followspot on the presenter with the speaker stand to the side.

Lunch took forever to get yesterday. Day 2 adaptation - 2 lines outside of the dining area, drinks right inside. Lines moved much much faster.

One of the senior event folks wanted to turn on the followspot (these items require some warmup time). He gracefully asked the gentleman standing in the way to sit down, explaining that he will be blinded BEFORE he turned it on.

Right now - I am watching the events team problem-solve. Apparently, the keynote needs a highly non-standard cable and did not bring it. They are talking together as a group to figure out how to deal with this problem - which may result in a very short afternoon keynote.

Will keep you posted.


Unknown said...

funny, i was thinking that too, as I sped through the lunch line on the second day. I worked conference serves during the summers as an undergraduate, and we were never so efficient or capable. Kudos, GMU.

Wendy said...

I'm certain those kids never get enough thank yous. They may never read this - but if I convinced one conference-goer to say thanks to the unsung folks who make conferences run, it will be all worthwhile.