Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Life and Times in Social Media

Karyn -

A short answer to your question.

Brent made me do it.

The long answer:

My justification for blogging (which I only consider "social" in that others can see my mental laundry) hasn't changed all that much since my first post. (OMG! Has it been that LONG?!?!?)

- I'm still journaling about my experience in the thick of large projects.

- I'm still trying to build a robust just-in-time training environment (just not in health care).
- I'm still trying to figure out why people adopt particular technologies (and getting no further than I did 18 or so months ago).

Funny thing is - airing my mental laundry has led to:

- A new job! Where I work now is a DIRECT result of this blog.

- New online acquaintances - that I am finally getting a chance to meet in person.

- Finding the confidence to present at conferences thanks to the encouragement of the folks within the eLearning blogosphere.

- Broader input and insight into some of my half-baked ideas. And a wider pool of folks to get advice from regarding said ideas.

- Encouragement to try new forms of technology and media (Facebook anyone?).

- A weakening of my grasp of the English language :' )

All I was truly expecting was some sanity control and an opportunity to flesh some things out. Writing in a public forum forces you to process and present information in a different way than just writing for yourself. The exercise has been more valuable than I would have dreamed.

Good luck Karyn!

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