Friday, May 16, 2008

Brain Dump

I'm on some tight deadlines between now and mid June, so blogging will be sporatic and mental processing minimal. Which is a real shame since my last few posts have gotten some fantastic comments and food for thought.

Issues regarding facebook are getting an awful lot of attention. I'm wondering if it's a result of our attempts to process what this new level of social interaction really means and how it will ultimately impact us.
Comments on the Facebook Adoption Curve
From the Beginning to the End of the Curve

Another subject that has made an appearance is the mixed legacy of PowerPoint and other "rapid eLearning development tools."

Karyn Romeis pointed to this excellent post by Mark Berthelemy that we may need to just print out and hand to anyone wanting us to post yet another PowerPoint with pretty colors and useless content that makes no sense unless someone is talking and that they think serves as "eLearning". (Can you tell I've been doing that a LOT this week?)

Maybe I should make a poster and put it in my cube.

PowerPoint does not equal eLearning.
Nor does Captivate, Articulate, Elluminate or any other -ATE.

The managerial folks I have run into in past jobs think "Rapid eLearning Development" is about making the ENTIRE instructional design cycle fast rather than just the Development (taking the design and making it real) piece. There is no design time and little development time. The result - useless objects taking up valuable server space.


Janet Clary provides some excellent advice regarding implementations that hit home this week as we completed one of our "problem projects".

The #1 answer - Culture
Clarification to the #1 answer

The first piece of Janet's advice I am going to implement on my next project:

You can start ... by drafting a flowchart for the project and identifying everyone you’ll likely deal with along the way. This means everyone not just the “stakeholders.” Are there people that should be ‘red flagged’ as possible bottlenecks?

(Note: don’t actually use a red flag on your chart. I’d go with “KA” - ‘known asshole’ to you, to others “Key Asset” or “Knowledge Area” or something).

I think my manager and director will have a field day with this one!


Karyn, Janet, Christy and I have started our first Scrabulous game together. After a couple of false starts (Karyn moving and me forgetting), we finally have a game going (Thanks Christy for reminding me!).

Current score -
Karyn (51)
Janet (21) (she has not had her 2nd turn)
Christy (53)
Me (40)

Don't you hate it when you have nothing but vowels.....

Your turn Janet!


Unknown said...

Actually, Wendy, it's your turn, and the scores are:
You: 40
Janet: 30
Me: 93
Cbristy: 65

I guess all my games against The Downes have borne early fruit. Long may it continue ;o)

Mark Berthelemy said...

Hi Wendy,

I think the problem we're in is that our clients (the people with the powerpoints) only know page-turning elearning, and think that's how it's done.

I do wonder how many of them have actually worked through a page-turner from start to finish. I know I haven't!