Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bowling Team Update: The Joys of Being Bad

I've been trying to get some stuff out the door for some implementation projects - so lots of material, little processing bandwidth (Thanks Tom for pointing out I've been slack!).

The season ended yesterday - and our motley crew of mediocre bowlers came in 1st place!

One-Armed Joe (the best bowler in the league) said to me "You all are tough to beat!" Best compliment we've received all season.

Because this is a handicap league and we are so streaky, if 2 of the 5 of us have a really good game and the rest of us don't completely blow it, we win. Our handicaps are low enough that it's relatively easy to stay within 10 pins of average (unless I go through a streak where I can't find the center of the lane if life depended on it). This is how we have been able to win at least 3 of 4 points each week (save for a couple of weeks when we ALL stunk it up).

Joe and his crew have it much tougher. Joe is damn near professional-quality. 2 of his teammates carry 190+ averages and the others are well over 140. They HAVE to bowl well. If any of them have an off game, they lose.

If this were a scratch bowling league - they would mop the floor with us. Easy.
As it stands, it's not, so we walk home next week with $300 in each of our pockets (which will be promptly spent on a fancy steak dinner) and bragging rights.

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