Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tips and Tricks - Captivate 3

File size shrinking
- Don't need the entire recording area (720x540 recommended)
- Reduce color.
- Remove excess desktop icons
- Avoid gradients
- Limit full motion recording. (click directional arrows vs. dragging the scrollbar).
- Limit media - is audio needed?
- Compress audio
- Image compression
- Keep projects short (3 minutes recommended).
- Easily link using skin menu

Single SWF
- Additional files
- Avoid additional files -- project>skin>uncheck borders

Integrate full motion recording slides into project
- the full motion recording slide is external now.
- Insert new slide. Insert

Full motion recording /editing. On Developer center - full motion editor for Captivate

Audio and image editing
Right click > find in library > edit with.....

Multiple levels of feedback
- set click box to continue after first attempt and to jump if correct.
+ first click box then create second click box after the first.(3 attempts - 3 click boxes that disappear after each attempt)
+ enable failure caption
- can also create sophisticated feedback through branching

Creating prototype or mac application deminstrations
- Create images > insert as image slides> show mouse and adjust paths

Inserting captivate content into PowerPoint
- Use Adobe Presenter

Share - http://share.adobe.com (in adobe Labs right now)
- can drop items in there to help communicate content if don't have access to web server

Can put Captivate .swf files into .pdfs (need to figure out how to do this with Adobe Professional)

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