Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thoughts on Live Blogging

This was really the first time I've live blogged. Very pleased with the results of this particular experiment.

1) I have a place where I can now reference all of the stuff from the conference. When I get a chance (probably tomorrow), I'm going to tag all of the posts and put a link on the side (probably replacing the Moodle link). I'm overdue for updating my blogger template anyway.

2) The manager commented that it seemed like she was right there with me - which tells me that I did a good job taking notes.

3) Maybe I really ought to figure out how to seamlessly add pictures next time. Some sessions really needed the visuals. (picture = 1000 words)

4) I'll admit I felt a lot like a reporter running around. It was kinda cool. Live blogging is also a good cover for when you are not feeling particularly social - as well as being a nice conversational gambit when you are.

I hope others find my (occasionally disjointed) notes as useful as I did. Maybe next conference, we can convince more people to share.

And isn't that what community is about anyway?


DrBob said...

I found your notes very interesting..actually used some you did on the internet to fire up some of my undergraduates..

bschlenker said...

Beautiful summary of the live blogging experience. Thanks for sharing. I truly believe it enhances the conference experience exponentially.
I'm REALLY looking forward to DevLearn08 in SanJose so we can kick it up a notch.
It was great to see you again. Cheers!