Wednesday, April 16, 2008

QR Codes

Presentation: Scanning the Globe: Connecting Your Digital World to the World Around You.

Presenter: Brent Schlenker

Came in partway through.

Hey Brent - I see you found the joys of ComicLife too!!!!

QR Codes

A camera application - put QR ap in background in crosshairs of camera in mobile phone and click.

As soon as you recognize the code - it takes you straight to information.
- Ap called Scanlife

There is also a QR code generator. Put the content you want.

Very few players in this space. - just Google "QR codes."

Can also put in phone number, will automatically dial it.
Main approach - use for website.

QR codes used often in marketing in asia.
- used for commercial tracking.
- Convenience for mobile phone users - use camera function on mobile phone and will take you there.

Goal - a more simplistic way to get to the information (esp,. in 2.0 space)
New ways to collaborate - make technology work

Another thing in the cluster of things to craft engaging learning moments.

QR codes can be partially destroyed and still can complete the content.

BTW - not available in iPhones.

It will be the experience you design AROUND it that will be important.

Can hide QR codes into images - take picture of image and will send QR code.

Also can use as access to Medical Records - identification code. The deformity makes it better than barcodes.

Advantage - this is a much cheaper technology than many other mobile technologies (chips, etc).

Print and paste in whatever format I want. (you will have to catch me before you tatoo a QR code on me.)

There are other standards in the 2D code space. (semacode, shotcode, colorcode)

(maybe an educational scavenger hunt?)
Think of games. Like Geocaching....

2D Barcode Manifesto
- Manifesto focuses on free, open-source but standardized. Focus on user-driven innovation.

ZXing announced in next version of Android SDK
- Android all about open handset platforms.

So essentially - I need a much nicer phone than the 5 year old "just does phone" handset I am currently carrying.

Software that also allows PC webcams to read QR codes as well.

QR codes - may also allow us to access eLearning FAST. Hmmm.......
- Also makes us be more "cutting edge"
- Access training/support materials on hardware fast while working on it.

If nothing else - lowers the barriers to entry for gathering information. (not having to type in your phone - just scan.)

Cool for orientations / guided tours - go to a unit or department or area - scan the QR code using your cell phone. Don't need barcode reader.

For basic phones - text. Essentially need something that will take a picture and the software.

Give everyone QR code to see who is in the cube. Or on their badge.

What defines what action the application takes depends on the application you have installed. Find one that defines phone and http:// correctly.

Call for ideas - talk to Brent if you are interested in exploring how to use this in eLearning. He's looking to possibly create a community of some sort to explore various ways to potentially apply this technology.

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Brent Schlenker said...

Thanks for taking notes for me. I really enjoyed talking with everyone about QR codes. I really do hope our small room of AG|08 attendees can help prepare instructional designers for this coming technology.
Wendy, it was great to see you in person. I hope your travels home are pleasant.