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Keynote - The Future of the Internet

Presentation: The Power of the Internet
Presenter: John Patrick, former VP and Chief Internet Strategist at IBM

Not sure what to expect from this one.

A little tag-team blogging with Inga this morning. Finding power bonds....

The Big Picture
- 5% of what internet has in store
- Power of the click

The Internet is About PEOPLE.
Transferred power from institutions to individuals.

- Expectations rising by the day

More cool stuff available daily

- Disintermediation just beginning

Music industry a prime example. Too easy to make digital music on internet. May not have been a problem if the industry listened sooner. (see iTunes)

- Global-local Convergence-Divergence

Internet global and able to be centralized, but also local (more customized) availability.

In theory - one device that does everything. But - actually seeing more specialized devices. (He's a big fan of the Kindle - seems more natural). Devices becoming more specialized. ALL connected to the internet

The Pervasive internet

Anything with a chip has networking capability.
Everything connected to everything
Does expect that security and privacy will be available at all levels

Power of the Click
- End to end solutions

People expecting end-to-end solutions (see eBay)
- eBay holistic. Thought about escrow, shipping, insurance, returns. Every aspect.
- Thought about reputations (largest reputation database in the world).
- We are now expecting this of hospitals, schools, etc.

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Problem - most companies trying to empower THEMSELVES, not the customer.
Is your website to improve the efficiency of the company or the customer?
Right now - most websites focus on helping the company MARKET to you.

The 3am update cycle no longer applicable. Systems have to be both global and continuously available.


We need to satisfy the customer. Not Compliance (sorry Vin)

HUGE opportunity
What is the "Killer Ap" - eMail. SMTP.
But most e-mail to companies go unanswered. And still very self-centered.
Teenagers still using eMail as primary communication (PEW Foundation)

For companies - instead of asking the questions, why don't you listen?

Spam - 82% of his email.
- He uses Challenge Response system - will send an email back. Forces you to click to send back.
- Generally - Spam filters talk to each other.

Most issues we see is an "Attitudinal Problem"

Why we are only 5% of the way there.
- Example - health care.
Of 2 trillion dollars - lots spent on duplicate procedures. Why? Lawyers (burden of proof still on customer (in this case, the docs), not compliance).

How much does liability cost add to our health care? Some pay 1/4 mil.

Information technology (or lack)adds to problem. (Really its a process problem. A people problem. See my earlier writings on this blog.)

Part our own fault - we don't take enough responsibility as patients and we don't demand enough information. (We are now starting to see this demand, at least in my part of the world. He's right in that as patients we need to be able to see the doctor notes. The doctor resists often because they don't want anyone challenging their decisions. The system is designed around the doctor's convenience - not the patient's.) We need to push.

He can't wait until all of his information on internet - "At Last!!! It will be SAFE!" At least with electronic medical records, we can see who is looking at your records.

eGovernment and Education
- Early leadership and innovation

ex. IRS, eFile. Encrypted and reliable.

- Empowerment of the grassroots

- Lifelong learning via the web

Not just teaching the "kids". We all are trying to keep learning.

- Limited by learning how to learn

Lots of people don't know how to learn. That's where educators come in.
There are tips and techniques that can't be fully done through blogs.

- Schools and libraries will (and are) change(ing)

Millions of children now home-schooled. Lots of resources now available on internet.
Libraries expanding. Fundraising to add space - turning into the new community center.

Accomodation or choice
Are we going to accomodate the internet? Corporations - many accomodate.
Or Are we going to EMBRACE the internet and give the customer CHOICE. Are we going to let them access data 24/7, whatever they need? Ought to go that way.

The Bubble - Bust or Boom (2001-2002)
- The Internet was NOT the problem
- Water does not flow uphill
- Same economy - new tools. The internet is a tool.
- Bubble #2? Probably not - people smarter.

Where is this going?
- Fast
- Always On
- Everywhere
- Natural
- Easy
- Intelligent
- Trusted

Fast - Our major carriers biggest threat to the future of the internet.
- Outside of US, Governments empowering growth of internet. Internet much faster (see Japan).
- Japan deregulated components of Broadband. Here - ATT, Verizon
- Heartening to see Comcast promote selves as phone company and Verizon promote selves as video company. Competition good.

The technology available so that we can go even faster.
- BPL - Broadband Power Line. BPL modem - gets electricity and broadband from power system. Can add further competition.
- FiOS - very fast, good technology. Everything will be fiber eventually.

Can the backbone of the internet handle it? Yes. Internet highly distributed due to packet technology.

Torrents of Bits - very effective protocol for downloading huge files.

Bottlenecks will move around.
- Internet asynchronous.

Always On - Dial-up mostly gone.
- Remember - everything connected to the internet, including appliances.
- Will be as secure as you want it to be.

- WiFi v. WiMax - uh - it's wireless. Deliver broadband into community. Deliver through wireless routers.

- Should become pervasive - but being prevented by the phone companies (lobbyest creating laws to prevent universal WiFi in local governments) (see Philadelphia trying to WiFi the city).

- We are ranked 14th in internet accessability.

Everywhere - Where is the internet anyway? For most of us - the PC.
- Should be wherever we are.
- Mobile internet one of the biggest things. (Norway - Opera)

I ran into computer problems here.....

Natural - we want one profile WE control, not them
- Schema - but only certain profiles can access it.
- Blogging/Podcasting revolution. Getting bigger (part of the overall schema)
- Wikimedia - The Writeable Web
- Gaming Exploding
Gaming teaching how create solutions with limited resources, how to collaborate. 2 very important skills.
- Let's play tag - the Long Tail

Intelligent - Web pages now developing context.
- Global Application Web
- Everything at your service
- Semantic Web - tags, tags, tags.

- Open Standards - the grassroots win (see Linux)

- Security redefined - great tools available if you look for them. Best ones not free.
- Privacy policy and framework essential
- Linkage of brand and digital ID
- Healthcare and Finance ready to go
- Block bad things.

Surviving and Thriving
- Think Outside In - listen to the people
- Think big, act bold, start simple, iterate fast
- Anticipate the evolution of the internet
- Build a framework for choice and services
- Partner to the hilt
- Get a taste of Net Attitude, talk to kids.

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