Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hockey on the Brain - Day 3

I just can't help myself......

During last night's Caps v. 'Cains game (OMG!!! Did you see that?!?!?! I was there!), we had a chance to chat with the guy sitting next to me. 23 year old Virginia grad.

You grew up on MTV, I grew up on Reality TV.

Yeah - some truth to that. Though MTV didn't even come around until I was 10 (does that count as "growing up with it?").

It got me thinking - how does the media we grow up with impact the way we see the world?

Does "growing up with reality TV" mean that the 20-somethings and under are more willing to let strangers into their private life?

Does "growing up with MTV" mean 30-somethings are more image-conscious?

What do you think?

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