Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Focus Groups

Kudos to Adobe for spending a significant amount of time trying to get feedback on their development products. From the way I've seen their products evolve, they seem to be listening.

Hope they found the info useful....


I sat in on a focus group for Captivate (can't talk about it much). There were some great tips thrown back and forth that we could use now.

Caveat - I have not been able to test any of these tips, so I don't vouch for how well they work. I hope to update this later with more details - maybe even pictures: )

Here's what I learned:

- After you delete any content you don't want, Save As... This should permanently delete some of the content in the library you don't want, keeping file size down. (Joseph Ganci)

I've been doing inventory of the files I am using and erasing the stuff I don't need. This process is painful. Hopefully, this works better.

- Using the Q and A features for discovery learning. (Penny - Christian Aid). I haven't done this yet - may be worth trying as a prototype.

- You can customize the rollover slidelets so that the rollover area is not rectangular. I may not need this (application trainer, most of my objects are rectangular) - but it could be really cool to use at some point. (Joseph Ganci)

BTW - Joseph Ganci was the guy I learned almost everything I know about Authorware from. Admittedly, I'm far from a guru, but it is way cool to meet someone in person who has taught you so much personally.

His Authorware site. - Super-duper valuable for those of us who may still be using Authorware.

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