Tuesday, April 15, 2008

eLearning Guild Conference - Welcome

Welcome: David Holcombe - CEO E-Learning Guild

Ran into Brent - who is running around like a madman.

My computer also doesn't like being without power too long. Sadly - the International ballroom is a bit large and the AV staff took most of the power (figures). Did manage to find a seat by the water with a spare plug. Yup...great way to be invisible.....

Also ran into the folks from our web conferencing vendor. Interesting - they were trying to get a meeting with us this week. I was at a conference, 2 of the other members (including the Director) were at a local training, and one was out. Figures I'd run into them here (I think they are following me......)

Also ran into one of my fellow LiveBloggers who was also looking for power. Waving Hi to Ignatia Webs!

Introduction to eLearning guild as community of practice. Mission - provide the infrastructure to enable sharing. Think of ways to contribute to the community. Talk to folks (that means YOU Wendy).

How to be a contributor - contribute to Learning Solutions. Bill Brandon

Guild Research - write research articles. Steve Wexler.
- New research - Learning Modalities (tools and technologies).
- New book - learning solutions

Any conference - do a presentation.

Awards - LINGOs
- Volunteer of the Year: Rose Jorgenson, Outstart. Donated training authoring tool. Help with implementation support. Now trainer guru. Maintain collaboration page. Developed online course to help humanitarian relief workers maintain mental health.

- Partner of the Year - Elluminate. Donated Elluminate Live to the organization. Operates at low bandwidth. Plus needed really good integrated VoIP. This does both (I can vouch for this). Also nominated for Stockholm Challenge - innovative use of technology in developing countries.

eLearning for Kids - 90 courses for kids.

Adobe comments - doing a lot of development with Virtual Classroom solution. Looking for our input. How to best engage learners in virtual classrooms.

Brent Schlenker and Heidi Fisk - orientation to Annual Gathering.
- 300 sessions
- 13 sessions per block

Underlying principal - share with each other. (That means YOU Wendy!)

In parallel - Learning Management Colloquium. Management issues. For set number of people. Focus on conversation.

Deep Dives - talking with well known industry people about eLearning strategy. Part of registration.

Gaming and Storytelling big issues - getting the next generation engaged. (trying this with Housekeeping). Good thing Brent is translating.

Social networking available (liveblogging, twitter, etc). (What I'm doing - kinda. Not as instantaneous as I like, but I'm slow).

Connection, group learning, group sharing. How power of group works and helps you.

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