Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day 1 - Concluding Thoughts

Yes - I know I should be out socializing, but there is HOCKEY on. As of now (5 minutes or so into the first period), the Caps are looking much better than Sunday's game.

Of course, this also gives me a chance to reflect on the day.

Some very cool sessions today. The two most useful for my situation - Alec Lamon's session on Simulation development and the Adobe Captivate 3 session (for that one, I was torn between taking notes and fiddling with the Captivate 3 installation on my laptop.)

So I managed to accomplish a number of my goals today:

- Finally met Mark Oehlert. Still amazing - 2 people who live in DC who meet each other in Orlando. Figures. BTW Mark - cool business cards. Oh - and I didn't ask him any moronic questions. I'm sure I'll have plenty tomorrow....

- Also finally met Silke Fleicher. She was very helpful when I did the Captivate 2 presentation a long time ago. I'll point you to her blog for more information onthe Captivate 3 presentation and some of the cool new things happening in Adobeland.

- Got to the Object Oriented Programming session. Those of you more technically savvy than I am, please correct me. It strikes me that Adobe Flash encourages Object-Oriented programming anyway through the use of the pre-programmed objects (buttons, etc). At least it made those objects make more sense.

(1-1 as we speak, last 2 minutes of the 1st period)

- Had a chance to look at the vendor hall. Most interesting tool, Sealund's Inquiry 2D Serious Games Engine. Not sure if I would use this for heavy-duty development, but I can see how it would be good for rapid prototyping and proof of concept as we try to convince our clients that gaming is good.

(Damn! 2-1 Flyers on a stupid, stupid play! Grrrrr.....)

- Also saw lots of tools for creating avatars and building interactivity. Not sure if I need most of those - but they were interesting to look at.

(Ack! 3-1 Flyers on an even stupider play!)

Tomorrow - another keynote and lots of gaming sessions.

For those at the conference, if you find me a bit balder tomorrow - you now know why.

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Ignatia/Inge de Waard said...

concluding thoughts, now that is a good thing to pick up. I will include this after todays blogging episode.

Thanks for all the posts, it is nice to be able to take a peek at what I did not see.